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Our answer to how the busy professional can  get started in real estate investing.

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Led by two pharmacists and real estate investors,  None to One is a collaborative space that mixes structured learning with  real-world examples to help first-time investors achieve their dream of buying a property. Designed for individuals who are ready to take the real estate investing plunge but need some help putting the final pieces together, we’ll guide you  through finding, financingfixing, and filling your very first rental property.

None to One Coaching Program Curriculum

Here's what we'll cover in the course.


Clarify your criteria for your first rental property and start assembling your teamcccc


How to determine the scope of work for a rehab project


The ins and outs of funding and analyzing deals with live examples


How to find and interview a property manager, create your own listing, and everything you need to know about screening tenants


How to fund deals, mortgage types, how to shop rates and understand fees


Understanding and planning the final refinance or project completion, placing and managing tenants, and creating lease agreements

Course Schedule

Live classes will be held on either Sundays or Tuesdays at 9 PM EST depending on the cohort's availability.

Aug 22

Applications are due by 11:59 pm.

Aug 26

Chosen applicants will be selected and notified.

Sept 2

Payment is due by 11:59 pm.

Sept 11

Course begins! Week 1: Getting Started

Sept 25

Week 2: Finding and Analyzing

Oct 9

Week 3: Q&A

Oct 23

Week 4: Funding

Nov 6

Week 5: Rehab and Project Planning

Nov 20

Week 6: Q&A

Dec 4

Week 7: Property Management and Tenant Screening

Dec 18

Week 8: Putting it All Together and Final Q&A

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Meet the Coaches

Nate Hedrick, PharmD

The Real Estate RPh

Nate Hedrick is a full-time pharmacist by day, husband and father by evening and weekend, and real estate agent, investor, and blogger by late night and early morning. He has a passion for staying uncomfortable and is always on the lookout for a new challenge or a project. He found real estate investing in 2016 after his $300,000+ student loan debt lead him to read Rich Dad Poor Dad. This book opened his mind to the possibilities of financial freedom and he has been obsessed ever since.

After earning his real estate license in 2017, Nate founded Real Estate RPH as a source for real estate education designed with pharmacists in mind. Since then, he has helped dozens of pharmacists around the country realize their dream of owning a home or starting their investing journey.

Nate resides in Cleveland, Ohio with his wife, Kristen, his two daughters Molly and Lucy, and his rescue dog Lexi.

Nate wins the award for "most guest appearances" on the Your Financial Pharmacist Podcast. You can listen to his past episodes here: YFP 40, YFP 41, YFP 64, YFP 65, YFP 67, YFP 113, YFP 139, YFP 178, YFP 190, and YFP 193. Now, he's a co-host of the YFP Real Estate Investing podcast.

You can connect with Nate's real estate business, Real Estate RPh, on Instagram and Facebook!

David Bright, PharmD, MBA, BCACP, FAPhA, FCCP

David Bright is a pharmacist with a heart for teaching. He’s been a full-time professor since 2009 with a passion for implementing and improving pharmacy services. Themes of “implementing and improving” in the pharmacy space are quite similar to themes of “building and fixing” in real estate, which has been a growing hobby for David and his wife, Heather, who bought their first house more than ten years ago. That fixer-upper house became a live-in house flip, which they sold a few years later, only to repeat the process with their next house.

When David and Heather got sick of perpetually living in a construction zone, they pivoted to fixing up rental properties in West Michigan, where they now live. 

David invests in real estate as a way to bring greater diversity to financial planning and to fund memorable life experiences with family and friends.

David has been featured on Episode 167 of the Your Financial Pharmacist Podcast and now serves as co-host of the YFP Real Estate Investing podcast.

You can connect with David’s real estate business, Bright Ideas Real Estate, on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

What People Are Saying

I've spent the last few years actively learning about real estate investing, but I never felt prepared to purchase a property until I completed YFP's None to One course. The course does a fantastic job of taking a topic that can seem really daunting and breaking it down into easy-to-digest core fundamentals. What this course provides that books and podcasts don't is direct access to proven experts, hands-on application and practice, a community of like-minded peers, and property analysis templates to help you run the numbers. If you want to gain the knowledge and confidence to actually get started in real estate investing, I highly encourage you to first invest in YOURSELF by taking this course."

- Drew Register, PharmD; Associate Director, Membership Engagement and Communications at the American Pharmacists Association

Disclaimer: The marketing materials presented on this website include testimonials that serve as reviews of YFP’s products and services. YFP does not compensate people for reviews or testimonials, and YFP does not provide anything of value in exchange for these reviews. YFP has determined that there are no material conflicts of interest between the company and the participant, and YFP has not influenced the statement made by the people appearing on this website.

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